Stars fell over Alabama, I saw each star
You’re walkin’ in dreams, whoever you are
Chilled are the skies, keen is the frost
The ground’s froze hard and the morning is lost
Cross The Green Mountain

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It's A Restless Hungry Feeling ...11/19/2004 04:22:15 pm

The dreadful fallout from the re-election of George W. Bush continues apace. We'll be lucky if any of us are left alive at the end of the next four years to vote for Hillary. (That must be his plan!) The following article left me stunned and all but in tears: More New Yorkers At Risk For Hunger, Survey Finds.

More New Yorkers are having trouble putting food on the table, according to a survey by the Food Bank for New York City.

The study found 31 percent of city residents are “at risk for hunger,” finding it somewhat or very difficult to afford the food they need for their families – that’s up from 25 percent a year ago.

"Somewhat or very difficult to afford" food. This when a 10 lb bag of rice (enough food for about 6 months) costs $3.99 in the New York area!! A pound of dried black beans is 89 cents! Clearly, 31% of New Yorkers are not just poor, they are hopelessly desititute, prostrate, penniless and possibly already dead.

The statistics from this inarguably impartial organization's astounding poll march on, in a pitiless indictment of the cruelty of our laughable "society:"

Breaking it down by borough, 32 percent of Queens residents are at risk for hunger, up 8 percent from a year ago; in Brooklyn, 31 percent are at risk (a 7 percent rise); 19 percent are at risk in the Bronx (up 6 percent); 13 percent of Staten Islanders are at risk (a jump from none a year ago); and in Manhattan, the number held steady at 21 percent.

21% of Manhattanites!! At least the figure is holding steady, and not increasing. Thank God for small mercies, as they say. But how is it that in the Capital of the World, filled with tourists, media people (at least dozens of whom must have cameras) and every left wing activist group one could hope for, that this tragedy can unfold virtually unnoticed? The truth must be that the brave and stoic Manhattanites are hiding their hunger. Not for them the wages of pity from the burgeoning bellies of the Red State folk. No, Manhattanites will not complain of their terrible malnourishment, not one bit - not if it kills them.

Therefore we must track down these one in five Manhattanites who are finding it "somewhat or very difficult" to afford food and reach out, if necessary anonymously, to quench their appetites and ease their horrid suffering.

To wit, here are five residents of Manhattan island. One of them must be our first example of this terrible, shameful thing hiding in our midst: the hunger that dare not speak its name. Our job is to find out which one that is.

Michael Moore

It's well known that extreme cases of starvation cause bloating, in the horrible end. And just to think, people have been making fun of his swollen belly!


Maureen Dowd

People have criticized her post-election columns for being filled with a vile hatred of Middle America. Her poor empty stomach is just crying out for them to share their hamburgers, for chrissakes!


William F. Buckley Jr.

Did he step down from National Review for the reasons he stated, or was it because he could no longer afford to expend the calories necessary to continue in the job?


Cindy Adams

Did little Jazzy really die in that upstate kennel (as if the gossip maven of Gotham would send her pooch to the stix!), or was Cindy forced to seek life-saving sustenance from the only creature she loved?


Oh, sweet Jesus! Forgive us ...




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