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Friday, March 31, 2006

Drifting Like a Satellite ...8:31 am


Well, everyone interested would know by now that Dylan’s XM radio show isn’t expected to debut until May. The LA Times today has some background on what’s going on:

“It’s definitely going to happen, but it’s taking a little longer than originally planned,” said XM spokeswoman Anne-Taylor Griffith. “Bob is super involved in the show, and, like with everything he does, he wants it be just a certain way, and it’s taking some time … . We’ve already received several episodes of the show, and they’re absolutely fantastic.”

With Dylan moving at his own chosen speed, the show is now expected to premiere in early May.

In April, XM will announce the show’s title and schedule and also release some sample playlists, which Griffith described as “amazing” surveys of music both new and vintage.

With several episodes “already received,” that certainly implies the show will be taped. When it was initially announced, the impression given was that Dylan would do it from the road, from hotel rooms or wherever he happened to be. I guess it could also be a hybrid affair, with some taped and some live, or some segments taped inside a studio, with other segments (interviews?) taped on the road. Who knows? Who cares? Just get it on the air before this whole satellite radio concept burns out like a meteor.

Seen a shooting star tonight
Slip Away.
Tomorrow will be another day.
Guess it’s too late to say the things to you
That you needed to hear me say.
Seen a shooting star tonight
Slip away.

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