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Situation Wanted

Well, why not? It is my website, after all, and I can get very reasonable advertising rates around here.

Not unlike many others at this time, your scribe finds himself somewhat underemployed. It seems like it would be missing an opportunity not to put it out there in the context of this website, since anyone who regularly looks at this space has some idea of whatever dubious skills I possess in stringing words together on various topics. If someone knows of a niche I might fill or a project I could help on, based on what you know of what I do here, then I’d be grateful to hear of it. I currently reside in the New York City area, and I’m also not averse to telecommuting, especially when the weather is nice. (That’s a joke; see, I’m really hilarious to boot.)

I’ve made some bread and butter in recent years doing technical-type writing and editing. I’m not necessarily looking to pursue additional technical-type work right now, but certainly I’d weigh any project on its merits, and as it relates to my abilities.

I can be reached of-course at ( .

And, should you be a beneficent tycoon with numerous media properties who would simply like to gain the prestige that would surely come with having my name on one of your mastheads, while demanding little or no actual work — well, then, please do step to the front of the line. (That’s another of them there jokes, see?)

Sirius XM satellite radio to live; desperate DJ Dylan to continue drawing a paycheck?

It’s been announced that a company called Liberty Media will be providing up to $530,000,000 in loans to Sirius XM Satellite Radio, in return for a 40% stake in Sirius. There are perhaps caveats and loopholes; if you can decipher this article in the New York Times you might get a better understanding of it than I possess. Continue reading “Sirius XM satellite radio to live; desperate DJ Dylan to continue drawing a paycheck?” »

Odds & Ends

Who can keep up with how crazy the world is at this point? I’m serious. Of-course the world has always been crazy, but I really believe there’s an added edge these days, which brings to my mind an image of a train full of barking lunatics hurtling full speed towards a gorge spanned by a bridge that is busy collapsing.

And that’s my cheerful thought for the day. Related or otherwise, here’s a few odds: Continue reading “Odds & Ends” »