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Bob Dylan meets President Sarkozy: More notes on the 2009 Rolling Stone interview

I think it’s actually too much to look at every interesting bit of Bob Dylan’s 2009 Rolling Stone interview all at once, so let’s do it piecemeal. One of the most amusing parts is what may go down in Dylan-lore (whatever that is) as “The Sarkozy Incident.” Bob Dylan was performing in Paris on April 7th while Douglas Brinkley was tagging along to conduct his interview, and so we get a glimpse at something that may happen much more often than we know, i.e., a political leader heading backstage at a Dylan show for an audience with the man himself. The story of what went down when President Nicolas Sarkozy (the conservative French leader) and his wife Carla Bruni met Dylan is conveyed in different parts in the print interview and the online outtakes. And here’s the gist: Continue reading “Bob Dylan meets President Sarkozy: More notes on the 2009 <em>Rolling Stone</em> interview” »

Dylan’s own word on “Theme Time Radio Hour”

It’s in the new print issue of Rolling Stone magazine. It obviously came out of the Douglas Brinkley interview, but it’s printed in another section, under “In The News.”

After three years and 100 episodes, Bob Dylan’s Sirius XM program “Theme Time Radio Hour” may be leaving the airwaves. “I stopped doing those shows a while ago, and then XM Radio was combined with another one,” Dylan tells Rolling Stone. “They want to renew. They’d like more shows. But I’m not so sure.”

So, he’s not sure. At RWB we say: Go ahead and renew, Bob. So many themes not yet covered, so much good music still to play. But que sera, sera.

Together Through Life will enter the chart at number one

Bob Dylan’s new album Together Through Life, will enter the U.S. album chart at number one next week. That’s according to Billboard, at this link.

Bob Dylan is headed for his fifth No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart next week as his “Together Through Life” looks like a shoo-in for a debut atop the list. Industry prognosticators suggest the Columbia set will sell over 100,000 copies in its first week of release.

Number one may not be what it used to be, but nevertheless: Happy 68th birthday, Bob.

Bob Dylan in Rolling Stone: on being an honorary Texan and on George W. Bush

The new Rolling Stone interview with Bob Dylan conducted by author Douglas Brinkley — which consists of varying content in the print magazine versus the online “outtakes” — has a whole bunch of funny and delightful and interesting bits. So much so, that it calls for a mega-post to deal with it, which I’m not up to doing at this moment. But from where we sit at RWB HQ, we would be remiss if we did not immediately highlight the passage in the print interview where the name of former president George W. Bush comes up. Continue reading “Bob Dylan in <em>Rolling Stone</em>: on being an honorary Texan and on George W. Bush” »

Together Through Life: released today, and it’s all good!

Together Through Life by Bob Dylan Bob Dylan’s new album Together Through Lifeis in the stores and in my dirty little hands, and it’s at least as dynamite a record as this listener anticipated it would be. It’s also such a gift. Who’d have thought that in 2009 we’d be listening to a new Bob Dylan album like this? Not little ol’ me — not 20 years ago, and not 10 years ago. Continue reading “<em>Together Through Life</em>: released today, and it’s all good!” »

Mr. Tambourine Man in Firenze

Take a trip upon a magic swirling ship by clicking at right to hear Bob Dylan performing Mr. Tambourine Man in Florence, Italy a few nights ago. It’s a video shot from a great distance, so you can’t see much, but that helps the realism of the experience if you’re accustomed to sitting in the cheap seats.

There’s a little bit of follow-up on the previous post about why Bob Dylan continues to Continue reading “Mr. Tambourine Man in Firenze” »