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Odds, ends and mail

On my comment in an earlier post about only ever being able to use Bob Dylan’s Winterlude before in my Christmas music party tapes and CDs, thanks to Jerry for this e-mail:

Regarding using Dylan songs on your own Christmas compilations, how about Dylan’s recording of ‘Arthur McBride” which is a Christmas song? Christmas is mentioned in “Three Angels.” How about Dylan’s recording of “Pretty Boy Floyd” in which the outlaw offers money for Christmas dinners for the families on relief?’

Touché. Jerry must have the best Christmas compilations ever. Continue reading “Odds, ends and mail” »

Christmas In The Heart by Bob Dylan

Christmas In The Heart by Bob Dylan Bob Dylan’s Christmas album, entitled Christmas In the Heart, is to be released on October 13th. All of Bob Dylan’s American royalties on the album, “in perpetuity”, are to go to Feeding America, a charity which provides food to the needy. All of Dylan’s international royalties, in perpetuity, are to go to similar international charities. Apparently a donation equivalent to the value of four million meals has already been guaranteed for this year to Feeding America.

More details at, including this: Continue reading “<em>Christmas In The Heart</em> by Bob Dylan” »

Brownsville Girl: Bob Dylan with no alibi

Thanks to reader David for forwarding the link to a piece by Darren Hirst in a publication called Cross Rhythms. The article is called “The spiritual journey of a 20th century icon,” and is from 2003. I’m pretty sure I read it in the past, but it’s a quite interesting piece and worth a second look. There are also some other interesting pieces on Dylan in the same publication. In particular this one reflects on Continue reading “<em>Brownsville Girl</em>: Bob Dylan with no alibi” »

Health-care under ObamaCare: No cares

I obviously haven’t been writing here on the political battle currently taking place over the Obama/Democrat “health-care reform” plan. Just haven’t quite had the appetite or time for it lately. It can be assumed that I agree with all of the reasons for opposing it, and they’re being stated quite well by others. And I’m personally Continue reading “Health-care under ObamaCare: No cares” »

Since my baby left me

You’ve probably seen this elsewhere, but on Sunday last (August 16th), which happened to be the thirty-second anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan played at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena in Stateline, Nevada. The second last song of the night was none other than Heartbreak Hotel. Audio below from YouTube.

Bob Dylan and Professor Gates: one more time

What with going off on a sentimental tangent about Mr. Limbaugh in that last post, I forgot to make one more point that I had intended to make about Bob Dylan’s encounter with the police and that of Professor Gates. I did already touch on it in previous posts but just wanted to emphasize it one last time before dropping the subject. Continue reading “Bob Dylan and Professor Gates: one more time” »

R.I.P. Jim Dickinson

Jim Dickinson, a storied man of music and a good friend of Bob Dylan’s, passed away on Saturday. One of the many pieces on him is by a writer named John Lewis who knew him well.

Some may remember that it was through an old interview with Jim Dickinson that we discovered that Bob Dylan has been an avid reader of the author Larry Brown (who himself was a friend of Dickinson’s and who passed away in 2004). This has been taken to explain why the photo on the cover of Together Through Life is the same one used on the cover of Brown’s book of short stories, Big Bad Love.