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Santa sighting confirmed

Last Thursday you read it here first: A video has been shot for Must Be Santa from Bob Dylan’s forthcoming album Christmas In The Heart. It will feature Dylan himself and the finished product may also include, among other things, a fight scene. More details were reported yesterday on a messageboard and are elegantly excerpted by Fred Bals at Dreamtime: ’50s Polka In a Decrepit Mansion, Russians, And a Fight Where Someone Gets Thrown Through A Window.

The thirty-second clip we’ve heard of Must Be Santa sounds riotous, and so it is apt that the description of the video shoot is, well, a riot. Continue reading “Santa sighting confirmed” »

Obama’s stealthy two-step on Iran

Ralph Peters has a good one today in the NY Post:

Did it surprise a single Post reader that Iran’s been hiding a big nuclear weapons development facility? It stunned our president when he learned about it months ago. Then he kept it secret from you.

Obama didn’t want you to know how much progress Iran had made. It’s an embarrassment.

And it raises the pressure on the White House to act — something this president’s squirming to avoid. But the Iranians have now realized we know, so they tipped it themselves.

It Must Be Santa (and there must be a video)

I have it on authority that I respect that there will indeed be a video for Must Be Santa, from Bob Dylan’s forthcoming album Christmas In The Heart. Bob Dylan will actually be in it (unlike the videos done for his tunes in recent years, where his involvement has apparently been minimal or non-existent). As regards content: it will likely contain a fight scene. (Is all I’m saying.) Continue reading “It <em>Must Be Santa</em> (and there must be a video)” »

And more musings on Christmas In The Heart

Oddly, the preview clips of Christmas In The Heart that were on Amazon UK have been removed. Naturally they had already been copied and someone has posted them on YouTube. It’s hard to imagine how having the clips out there can do anything but stimulate interest in the album that’s going to be released just over three weeks from now, but maybe they were intended to be unveiled with another big press release. Continue reading “And more musings on <em>Christmas In The Heart</em>” »