Monthly Archives: October 2009

Christmas in the charts

Bob Dylan’s Christmas In The Heart has entered the U.S. Billboard album chart at number 23 overall. Not too bad a showing for Christmas music in advance of Hallowe’en. It is at number 10 under “Rock Albums” (and provides yet another example of the ultimate inanity of those musical labels, if you ask me). And it is perched at numero uno in the all-important category of “Holiday Music.” It debuted at number 1 in that genre, beating David Archuleta’s curiously titled album Christmas FROM The Heart, which debuted at number 2. Neil Diamond’s third volume of Christmas material to date, A Cherry Cherry Christmas, debuted this same week at number 6. And the Ultimate Christmas Collection from the Jackson 5 debuted at number 9. Barry Manilow’s In The Swing of Christmas arrived at number 11. And an honorable mention is warranted for the Chipmunks, whose Christmas With The Chipmunks landed with a .22 caliber bullet at number 16.

So, this was a big week for that “holiday music,” but the biggest splash has clearly been that of good ol’ Bob. Well deserved, and congrats.

A little more amen

I meant to devote a little more reflection to the word itself in the previous post. However, when blogging, one is often in such a hurry to hit “publish” (and see an interesting piece by Stefan McDaniel that reflects on that syndrome: Reverence for Words: A Case Against Blogging).

Anyhow, the word amen is Hebrew, and apparently dates back to the earliest known Judaic writings. Continue reading “A little more <em>amen</em>” »