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Video of Bob Dylan talk at the Philoctetes Center now available

Back on November 15th of this year (which will be last year in mere hours) there was a roundtable discussion about Bob Dylan at an institution called the Philoctetes Center in New York. The participants were Professors Christopher Ricks and Sean Wilentz, and it was moderated by Matthew von Unwerth. I personally would have liked to be able to be in the audience, but on the day I couldn’t make it. I’ve been waiting since then for the promised video of the event to be posted on that institution’s website, and indeed now it has been. Click on this link and go a little ways down the page for the video link. The talk is titled “The Inventions of Bob Dylan.” Continue reading “Video of Bob Dylan talk at the Philoctetes Center now available” »

Christmas in wartime

Consider this a prayer for those serving the country this Christmas Eve, at risk of life and limb, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and other parts known and unknown. May God bless the troops and their families here at home. (One place to send messages to the troops and explore other ways of supporting them is at this link.)

And thanks to J & L from the north country for the e-mail regarding the poem below, Christmas, by Henry Timrod. Continue reading “Christmas in wartime” »

Communism saves the world

Just over a month ago, RWB noted some recent cold-weather-chaos occurring in China, and, with an eye on the then-upcoming Global Warming Summit in Copenhagen, posed this question:

How likely is it, really, that the shivering Chinese will be willing to pay the enormous economic price of slashing their own carbon dioxide emissions, with their developing economy, in the name of allaying the fear of the idle and decadent western elites that the world is getting too hot?

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This Funny World

Drudge front page 12/18/09

(Front page of the Drudge Report.)

This funny world
Makes fun of the things that you strive for
This funny world
Can laugh at the dreams you’re alive for.

If you’re beaten, conceal it!
There’s no pity for you
For the world cannot feel it.
Just keep to yourself
Weep to yourself.


If you are broke you shouldn’t mind.
It’s all a joke, for you will find
This funny world is making fun of you.

(Words by Lorenz Hart.)