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Bobs & Ends

There is a new record being released called Revival, put out by “Rhythms del Mundo.” The profits are supposed to go to an organization called “Artists Project Earth,” and more specifically to help victims of recent natural disasters in Haiti, Chili and Tibet. The album features song contributions from artists including Green Day, Wyclef Jean, and Bob Dylan.

In the case of Bob Dylan’s track, the song is A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall. Listening to the clip posted on the website, it seems that it’s Bob’s original acoustic recording from 1963, with overdubs of keyboards and brass and stuff, presumably courtesy of the musicians known as Rhythms del Mundo. Strange, but there you go. Continue reading “Bobs & Ends” »

Bobs and Ends

Thanks to Bob W. who writes:

I must admit your headline “Bob Dylan Obit” shook me a little….ha! Thanks for posting the link. The quote with its equation of Dylan to great poets like Keats etc., made me think of “Dylan and the Nobel” by Gordon Ball which, as I’m sure you know, is a defense of his nomination of Dylan for the Nobel prize. Great read for all unfamiliar Dylan fans…others too. Continue reading “Bobs and Ends” »

Bob Dylan Obit

There’s an exceptional article on Dylan — in particular latter day Dylan — written by Robert Roper, in an online magazine called Obit today. Thanks a lot to Karen for the link. It’s called Bob Dylan: Together Through Life.

While the Baby Boomers were busy building their ordinary lives, buying vacation homes and packing their IRA’s with ready dough, then getting foreclosed on a lot of those houses and seeing a third of the value of their pensions disappear overnight, Dylan was off somewhere shaking his head, sucking an eye-tooth, pulling at that mean little moustache he wears these days. He’s not surprised. Bad news is to be expected. Life is about harm, the collapse of hope; and then, at the very end, that unavoidable date with the Reaper. Whoopee! Thanks a lot, Bob! We needed to hear that. Continue reading “Bob Dylan <em>Obit</em>” »

On Jakob

Thanks to Seamus for his e-mail:

Do you keep up with Dylan the Younger’s work? His last three albums have songs on them which, while not overtly political, show tremendous respect for the military. In fact, in my opinion it goes beyond respect. If I didn’t know he was Bob Dylan’s son, and therefore unlikely to have served in the military, I would guess the writer of songs like “Days of Wonder”, “Back To California”, “War Is Kind”, and “Valley of the Low Sun” had deployed to the desert a time or two. He captures very well the combination of weariness and determination, of frustration and pride, that Marines and soldiers know so well. Continue reading “On Jakob” »