Be My Baby

With the dearth of unofficial Bob Dylan content on YouTube, we have the pleasure of continuing to trawl for interesting cover versions of his songs. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight is a flawless piece of popular songwriting, I do think, quite up to standing without self-consciousness alongside the smooth and brilliantly-crafted tunes of the Gershwins, Cole Porter, Kern, Berlin and ilk. It’s unpretentious; it says just what it needs to say, without overstatement, but rather with an air of effortlessness. You can’t do much better than that as a songwriter.

And Engelbert Humperdinck sure appreciated it.

In the notes to Biograph, Bob Dylan made a funny and charming observation about the tune, noting that it had occurred to him that the song “could have been written from a baby’s point of view.”


Kick your shoes off, do not fear,
Bring that bottle over here.
I’ll be your baby tonight.

Oddly tangential to this, in a Roe v Wade kind of way: Helpless in Philadelphia.

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