Bob Dylan: A Spiritual Life

It seems like there’s at least three new books on Bob Dylan published every week, and that in itself is certainly some kind of amazing phenomenon. One in particular that I am looking forward to, however, is Bob Dylan: A Spiritual Life by Scott Marshall. It will feature an interview with Bob Dylan’s former wife (from the 1980s), Carolyn Dennis, who was also one of his backup singers for some time. To my knowledge, it’s the first real interview she’s given to anyone about her life with Bob. (I do remember that when Howard Sounes “exposed” Dylan’s marriage to her, and the daughter they parented together, Carolyn Dennis did speak up briefly in the press to defend Bob, asserting that he had been a great father.)

Scott Marshall is a writer who actually likes Dylan (some may know his previous book Restless Pilgrim) and so I think it’s nice that Ms. Dennis chose to talk to him, versus some of these other strange biographers out there, and I personally expect that the published book will handle things respectfully.

So that’s it — I just wanted to give the book a little shout-out at this point. It has a release date of April 15th.

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