Bobs and Ends

Despite stories in many places (ultimately sourced to Chinese or Taiwanese publications), there are as yet no confirmed concert dates for Bob Dylan and his band in Asia other than the previously announced dozen or so shows in Japan in March. Bill Pagel’s Tour Guide has the details on those and also lists the rumored shows.

Lawrence Epstein, to whose writing at the Best American Poetry Watch website we’ve linked on numerous occasions, has a book coming out called Political Folk Music in America from Its Origins to Bob Dylan. He writes about it here.

Another Dylan-related book we may be seeing sometime down the road would be by Micajah Ryan, who has worked as a recording engineer with Bob Dylan on several occasions. His book will be about the experience of working with Bob Dylan on the solo acoustic albums Good as I Been to You and World Gone Wrong, both from the early 1990s. Fred Bals has a nice post about the project at Dreamtime. One quote from Micahjah:

[Dylan] is either the most intelligent artist I have ever worked with or the luckiest. He is certainly the most interesting.

Chronicles, Vol. II will be released by Simon and Schuster on May 20th, and the long-awaited album of “lost” Hank Williams songs which Dylan has been putting together with other musicians will be released on February 9th.

Oh, alright — only kidding with those last two items. Sorry if I woke anybody up!

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