Feeling the love, again

The description accompanying the YouTube clip below says:

‘Make you feel my love’ by Bob Dylan performed by The University of Nottingham Revival Gospel Choir at their Christmas concert, December 4th 2010. Solo by Sarah Pickering.

That’s an interesting context for the performance, considering that quite a few people believe this song was written as an expression of the Almighty’s love for, well, us. (Read one person’s take on the Time Out of Mind album at this link.)

Has this song surpassed Blowin’ in the Wind yet as being the most covered Bob Dylan song ever? I think if you counted YouTube versions as “covers,” then the answer would almost have to be yes. If it’s only actual commercially-released recordings that count, I would guess Blowin’ is still quite a way’s ahead. (But that’s a research job for next year’s summer intern to tackle, I suppose …)

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