My shoes, they come from Singapore

During his recent performance at the Grammys, Bob Dylan was wearing a pair of two-tone, black and white shoes, which caught the eyes of many viewers. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him wear them before, whether on stage or in some publicity photo, but I can’t be specific. Since then, I came across a similar pair of shoes somewhere else; namely, in the episode of Kojak embedded from below. It’s from 1974.

Maybe they’re the same shoes, maybe not. I don’t think Bob’s pair had quite as much in the way of platform, but he could have had them fixed. Anyway, one could do a lot worse than spend fifty minutes watching Kojak, which is one of the truly great police dramas of all time.

This episode features the late Leslie Nielsen in one of his bad guy roles — he always made a nice cold criminal. And, sporting the shoes in question is none other than Antonio Fargas, who soon after this went on to the role of Huggy Bear in Starsky & Hutch, not a million miles from the character he plays here. (Literally-speaking, about twenty-five hundred miles, I suppose … )

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