Pete Seeger: Never too old to support the wrong cause

It’s being reported that Pete Seeger, the 92 year-old folk/protest singer, has now joined the BDS movement. Some of you might say: “Well, I’m not really surprised that Pete Seeger would have Bush Derangement Syndrome, but isn’t this a bit tardy on his part?” Unfortunately, this BDS is even worse than that one. It stands for “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions,” and is all about ostracizing, punishing and ultimately destroying the state of Israel.

Even on the flagship website for the movement, you will have a hard time finding what it is — specifically speaking — that Israel would have to do to satisfy the Boycott/Divestment/Sanction folks. In the end, while it begins with a call for “self-determination” for Palestinians (about which Israel has openly been willing to negotiate for years, but lacking a willing partner) the goals are designed to be amorphous, so that the “movement” can just continue until Israel is completely gone. And so it’s just another iteration of the oldest hatred in the world.

And Pete Seeger proves himself to be the the Energizer Bunny of advocacy for evil: he just keeps going and going.

Thanks to regular correspondent and musician Dovid Kerner, who emails:

Did you hear the news?? Pete is supporting the BDS movement. As we know, it took him several decades to apologize for his support of Stalin. He should live a long healthy life (ad meah v’esrim – till 120, as we say), but I just don’t think we can wait for him to get around to apologizing for supporting the boycott of Jews living in the disputed territories.

So, here’s “Settlement Blues”, my musical response to him, and to all those who support what amounts to the ethnic cleansing of Jews from large swaths of their ancestral homeland.

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