To clarify

When I listed those names in the previous post and said, “Don’t think it will be forgotten where you stood at this moment in history,” it wasn’t in the sense of: “If we win, these are the people we should line up and shoot” (lest there be any confusion or unnecessary expenditures on security systems). They have a right to their opinions. However, I believe that it ought to be remembered that at a moment when America stood poised to possibly elect the most liberal and most inexperienced candidate to ever receive the nomination of the Democratic party for president, there were those, claiming to wear some kind of mantle of conservatism, who at best merely shrugged at the possibility and who at worst endorsed him. Win or lose, there will be future debates, over the future of the Republican party and the future of the country. It’s important to understand where people are coming from when they make their arguments, and I do believe this is a defining moment.

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