Voting in Iowa

Forget the cable tv. The Hawkeye Cauci are being “liveblogged” by Dave Burge at his essential Iowahawk journal.

6:18 PM: Tammy is giving me the total stinkeye because the caucus people are showing up late and she want all of them out of the house before Grey’s Anatomy. Like it’s my fault eVite’s default time zone is Pacific. A couple of UAW union guys from Waterloo show up and give me shit about my Yamaha. Hey, if Harley made a dirtbike maybe I’d buy it. I give them some Old Milwaukee which shuts them up. Some Huckabee supporters arrive with a hot dish and an abortion poster.

Addendum: Just call RWB the Duke-Maker. Leveraging this site’s recent endorsement, Fred Thompson finishes third in Iowa.

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